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Painting of Anny Coronel-Plesman by M. Garady

Anny Coronel-Plesman passed away on September 19, 2019.
This website will stay on-line until October 2020 but will not be updated.

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Teaching Practice

Anny Coronel-Plesman is a well-known piano pedagogue.

Special attention is paid to the development of finger technique and the pupil must be prepared to co-operate. This development is important not simply from the point of view of increasing technical capability, but more essentially in order to achieve better musical results. Each pupil must possess a good acoustic piano and follow a regular practice schedule.

Anny gives lessons at all levels, both to amateurs and professional pianists.

Extremely young pupils (even three-year-olds!) have a special place in her teaching practice. Her experience with this age group motivated her decision to work towards realising a ''mini-piano'' (see biography), a piano adapted to the tiny hands and capabilities of the very young. After all, there are quarter-size violins, small harps and guitars etc. Why not mini-pianos?

Her method of teaching very young children can be seen in the books "Natalie" and "Manon", published in 2004 and "Willem" and "Julie", published in 2010.

The new DVD "SPELEN MET DE PIANO" (PLAYING WITH THE PIANO) has appeared in june 2006, showing the way of giving tuition to children.

Every year she organizes a ''performance exercise'' in which all her pupils may take part: young and old, beginners, the advanced and very advanced, pupils enrolled in training programmes and pianists with a conservatorium diploma.

Anny gives lessons in the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of her own home, where she has two very lovely instruments.

Performance exercise 2011
CRISTOFORI 8-10-2006
Photo: A. van Efferink


DVD - "SPELEN MET DE PIANO" (Playing with the piano) (2006)
eérlandaise joue, FRANCOIS COUPERIN au piano (1993)
CD - ANNY CORONEL-PLESMAN, piano "LIVE" in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam (Kleine Zaal) (1990), printed march 2006
CD - ANNY CORONEL-PLESMAN, met werken van S.Rachmaninoff, M.Balakirev, G.Oestvolskaja, A.Rubinstein, (uitgave 2008)

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